What To Expect From A Professional Pest Exterminator

pest control near me grove city ohioThere are many pests for which home owners can carry out a DIY (do it yourself) pest control procedure. However, there are situations that are more effectively handled by a professional pests exterminator, mainly when there are bed bug or termite infestations. There are also other times when homeowners simply prefer to hire the services of a professional pest control company. So, what should you expect when you hire the services of quality pest control Columbus Ohio?


It is the duty of the pest exterminator or the pest control company to inform you of any preparations you as a client may have to do to enable the professionals to perform their work. This may include cleaning, removing pets, clearing specified areas, removing or storing food items and keeping children away or out of the area during the process.

Timely Arrival

Time is money to any professional and he or she will do everything to ensure that he arrives on time. As with any type of service professional time range is usually scheduled for the service. Therefore, you should be able to expect that the professional will arrive within the specified time frame. In case of any delays, the professional should inform you of the delay, the expected arrival time and an option to reschedule if that time does not fit in your schedule.

Clean, Neat, Professional Appearance and Equipment

Each and every professional should look neat, professionally dressed and with clean equipment. A professional pests exterminator should have protective clothing for the job and appropriate equipment suit for the job.


In case it is the first time for the exterminator to service your home, he or she has to show company identification. This will help you in identifying him or her before letting the professional into your home.

Pre-service Communication

Before the pest exterminator starts working, there are a number of question he or she must ask you. For example, what is the type of pest problem are you facing? What pests have you seen? For how long have you experienced the problem? Where specifically have you seen the pests? These questions are helpful in ensuring that the pests are completely eradicated.

Inspection and Identification

The pest exterminator should then carry out an inspection of the area and find out pest evidence. This procedure is aimed at inspecting and identifying the areas discussed and other potential hiding places for the pests. It also aims at identifying the contributing factors for the pest infestation. During this process, the professional should explain the type of treatment to be used, the products to be used and in case of any concerns; he should be addressed before he begins working.

Treatment and Post-service Recommendations

Once the treatment is done, the professional should inform you on a number of things. For instance, what has been done; where, how and why as well as inform you of any precautions you should take to ensure that the safety of your family members including pets is guaranteed.

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