Stink Bugs Fall Infestations

Are you seeing them around Grove City more in the fall?

Cooler weather sends stink bugs exploring for shelter.

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Like many insects, stink bugs seek shelter when the season changes from summer to fall. Typically during spring and summer months, stink bugs spend their time outdoors, often high in tree tops, away from normal human activity. It’s the drop in temperatures that the fall season brings that start these insects  looking for warmth and shelter to ride the winter out.

Without knowing it, insects hitch rides aboard cargo ships and travel to the United States from overseas. Stink bugs arrived from Asia in the 80s and landed in U. S. cornfields. These insects have caused the vast destruction of local crops upon their arrival. Today there over a thousand various species of stink bugs in the world. The most common of these bugs here in the U. S. is the Halyomorpha halys, (brown marmorated stink bugs), and the Acrosternum hilare, (green stink bugs). Their backs look like shields and easily blend into their environment. These bugs release an odor that does stink if they feel threatened by an adversary. Despite the fact that these bugs require diligent pest control, they are not harmful to humans or their homes.

The Diet of a Stink Bug

The majority of stink bugs feed on plants. The young stink bugs feed on weeds and grasses, as they grow into adulthood they migrate into residential landscapes, orchards, or field crops. These bugs love feasting on beans, pecans, corn, peppers, apples, berries, cotton, corn, sorghum, and ornamental plants. When this bug gorges on his fruit, he leaves his saliva behind, which marks the fruit, leaving it scarred and unfit for sale. This insect is known to also spread disease. You may have noticed an influx of stink bugs in Grove City showing up in droves on the outside of your home, grasping at screens and trying to squeeze into the gaps of the siding. They’re slipping through cracks and crevices and they’re perched on doors waiting for an unsuspecting victim to open it and welcome them in. Hundreds gather together to bask in the glow of the setting sun, implementing take over tactics as we unsuspectingly go about our business from within our homes.

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