Do It Yourself Pest Control vs the Professionals

Pests have been a major problem throughout history. Not only are they irritating, but they can spread diseases and create unsanitary conditions. It’s important that you deal with any pest infestation as quickly as possible to safeguard your family. This guide will look at whether you should do pest control yourself, or whether you should hire a professional company when dealing with a rodent problem.

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DIY Pest Control

There are a number of different methods of rodent pest control which anyone can use, these include:

  • Rat and Mouse Traps
  • Electronic Killing Stations
  • Electronic Deterrents
  • Poisons

The easiest solution would be to lay down bait which is laced with poison. These are cheap and readily available. The problem with poison is if the animal stays in your house and dies, it will take quite some time to fully decompose. During which time there could be a smell, and it could even attract more pests into your home.

Rat and Mouse traps are tried and tested methods. However, you will have to empty the traps yourself and also dispose of the diseased animals. If you are squirmish then you might not feel that happy about doing this.

The main advantage of DIY pest control is that it’s seen as a cheap option. While it’s true traps and poisons are cheap, quite often the success rate is quite low. Also, if you have a young family then you will want to get rid of the rats and mice as quickly as possible.

The Professional Route

If you have seen one rat or mouse in your home, then you almost certainly have more lurking in the shadows. As rodents can spread disease it’s important that you get the problem under control as swiftly as possible. Professionals have a number of different methods of pest control, including stronger poisons and bait stations.

The advantage of hiring a professional is that they are experienced and know exactly how to trap the pest in the shortest amount of time possible. They will know exactly how many traps you will need to cover the area of your home and to get the infestation under control.

Although the initial outlay will be higher when hiring a professional, they offer much better value for money. They will regualrly visit your property to check traps and dispose of dead animals. They will continue to lay traps until every last rodent has been killed or captured.


Once you have eradicated all the rats and mice in your home, it’s then time to prevent them from getting back in. Make sure that all gaps and cracks are sealed using suitable materials. Also make sure food waste is stored somewhere that mice and rats can’t get into. If there’s no food or water supply then the animals won’t like to live under your roof anyway.

Living with a rat infestation can be very embarrassing and worrying. However, it really shouldn’t be. Just realize you have a problem and do everything you possibly can to get it under control.

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